Catholic Investment Certification Creates New Selling Opportunities For

Professional Investment Advisers


The world is changing; especially for investment advisers, as more and more investors...  your clients... embrace social responsibility as part of their personal investment strategy. No longer is it someone else's job to do the right thing, as Americans of all political manner, race and religions, recognize that they have the power to make a difference, as well as a profit by employing a personalized socially responsible investment strategy.


With these new ideas come new challenges and opportunities for professional investment advisers. What are these new strategies and how can you best help your clients achieve their socially responsible investment goals? has the answers, along with the training, and the unique benefits of becoming a Certified  Catholic Investing Practitioner.


Expand your opportunities by supporting your client's mission to make a difference and make a profit.  


Why Join?

Today, it seems everyone has a mission. For some it's green, for others it is human rights, or pro-life, or violence in the media, or any one of a dozen other worthy causes. Your job as an investment advisor is to guide your client through these complex issues, while preserving a sound investment strategy. Frankly, it's not easy. Simply understanding the holdings of giant multinational corporation and whether or not they comply with your client's mission is an enormous job, but rejecting your client's mission off hand is a bad idea, especially if you want to keep them as a client.


As a Certified Catholic Investment Practioner you'll have the training and the tools to be a pro-active partner to your client's mission. Once you've completed the training program, you'll have membership in the Association for Catholic Investing and the Financial Advocacy Network (FAN). You'll also receive regular updates on success stories in changing corporate behavior that you can then share with your clients. Ultimately, you and your clients will have the opportunity to participate in shareholder advocacy alongside other financial professionals.


To support your clients and your business, you'll have the access to FAN resources, including the ability to search for accredited business.  There are also dozens of case studies documenting the  investor success working with major corporations such as BankAmerica, Wal-Mart, Marriott, Citibank, Apple and dozens of others in support of Catholic values.


As a Certified Catholic Investing Practioner, you and your clients will share in success and gratification of making a real difference on some of the most important issues of our time. Just as importantly, you and your clients will have the ability to make smart investment decisions that support your client's mission.


No Pickets. No Protest.

Because a major success strategy is to engage rather than simply exclude (screen out) corporation for failing to meet Catholic standards, your hands as an investment adviser are almost never tied. Our goal is to make a difference, so making a recommendation to divest in a corporation is always your last option, not the first.


Members of FAN can use your shareholder position as a platform to be heard by the board of directors and other shareholders whether through organized communications or through proxy voting. We research, we negotiate, we reason and present the facts that doing the right thing and doing the smart thing are one and the same.


As a Certified Catholic Investing Practioner you will be part of the Financial Advocacy Network and therefore an important team member advocating Catholic values in the boardrooms of corporate America. FAN successes are your successes.    


The Tangible Benefits

Plain and simple, you will expand your business opportunities by supporting your client's mission.  By becoming a Certified Catholic Investing Practioner, you can promote to your Catholic clients and tap into over $2 trillion under management in the U.S. with a Socially Responsible mandate.


As investors begin re-entering the market and looking for advisers, this membership can help set you apart. If you listen to the marketplace you hear how more and more investors agree with values investing in theory and would like to participate, but are not sure where or how to begin. You can show them. You can articulate a vision, and provide concrete steps to these investors, and in doing so, create a significant point of differentiation.

You will be provided an opportunity to solicit individuals as well as Catholic organizations. Flying the Certified Practioner FAN logo on your business cards, website and brochures, you will have an expanded strategy and a unique opportunity to approach new clients that wish to support their Catholic values.


Get Accredited

Becoming an accredited  Certified Catholic Investing Practioner is a sound business decision for any investment adviser because, as you'll discover during training, doing the right thing and doing the smart thing are one and the same. Research study after research study, year after year, confirm that a socially responsible investment strategy is good business, and when all is said and done, equally as effective as any "profit only" driven investment strategy.


However, it does require a commitment to Catholic values and an understanding of the principles supported by the US Catholic Bishops. To accomplish this task the Association for Catholic Investing has designed a 90-minute  training via webinar that provides you with an overview of the principles, tenets and strategy behind Catholic values investing as used by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.


You'll learn about investing principles put forth by US Catholic Bishops, and how they apply to portfolio management, as well as the current state of Socially Responsible Investing. You'll also learn the specific responsibilities of Catholics in regards to wealth management and investments.


The training delineates specific actions and opportunities that are available to help modify corporate behavior, as well as specific corporate issues of concern - and how to appropriately respond as an investor. There are strategies and tactics for every action accompanied by tangible examples of success.