The Association for Catholic Investing was formed to work with all types of  registered financial advisers and investors who wish to integrate Catholic social criteria into their investment decisions. To meet the educational needs of investment advisors, interested individuals, and Catholic organizations, the Association for Catholic Investors provides dedicated educational services. Financial professionals can receive educational training and certification testing. After successfully passing the testing, we accept them into membership and confer the designation “Certified Catholic Investing Practitioner”.  Qualification is maintained on an annual basis in order to assure that the practitioner remains current in the investing guidelines of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  Members are automatically listed in the Financial Advocacy Network which provides opportunities for corporate engagement and access to proxy voting recommendations.  
The Association For Catholic Investing has three divisions
1)    Practitioner Division - Education of Practitioners and Certification of Practitioners 
2)    Individual Advocate Division - Education of interested individuals and Advocacy news updates on corporations and issues of interest 
3)    Institutional Division - Education of Catholic institution executives  
The parent of the Association for Catholic Investing is Aquinas Associates (AA). AA is uniquely qualified to support this association and the certification based on the applied subject matter expertise of the principals which includes the formation of the first public Catholic values mutual fund in the United States and which registered with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) that it followed the investing guidelines of the USCCB. Aquinas Associates provides corporate accountability research, consulting services, and advocacy on the unique aspects of Catholic investing. No other firm exists to serve U.S. Catholics in this manner and depth. It provides a positive advocacy experience creating a win-win for the public company and the Catholic client. AA leads and participates in a process where companies advocate the creation of shared value in the most sustainable of ways—when companies concentrate their efforts directly at the juncture of business and societal benefit. AA has a proven track record of change in issues such as abortion, contraception, gender and race discrimination, pornography, environment, human rights, access to pharmaceuticals, sustainability, affordable housing, and other issues identified by the USCCB as well as other social justice advocacy organizations. 
Neither the Association for Catholic Investing nor Aquinas Associates manages money nor are they part of or endorsed by the USCCB. They are private companies.
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